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Feng Liu Chicago | Feng Liu Street Photography

This is an old story of mine and I’m putting it here again before we eat Thanksgiving dinner.

I remember one Thanksgiving many years ago, I was assigned the task of documenting an African restaurant owner serving hundreds of meals to homeless people on the street. I was shocked that so many people had no place to sleep or food to eat on Thanksgiving Day. I saw shopkeepers waking up homeless people sleeping under bridges and handing out food to the many people walking the streets on a cold winter day.

The owner told me they have been giving away meals on Thanksgiving for years. They came to the United States from Africa 20 years ago and opened their own restaurant. Former President Clinton dined at The Taste of Chicago. I saw a lot of pictures in their restaurant.

I think we are really lucky compared to those who are homeless. We have a place to sleep and delicious meals every day. We even had cameras so we could take pictures every day and enjoy our lives. We are truly grateful for everything we have today!

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