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Feng Liu Chicago | Feng Liu Street Photography

I took some portraits for a lady who is a musician. She is 85 years old and plays piano every day. I asked her which musician she liked the most and she told me Beethoven. Then I asked her which piece she liked the most and she told me Beethoven first piano written. I asked her again, why? She said this was more natural than others because Beethoven didn't focus on techniques too much for his first work and in fact he didn't know too much about techniques at his very young age then and he just put his full feeling in it. At Beethoven late age he created many great work. This lady told me Beethoven was too much focus on techniques for his late work. That's her point. Can we learn something from here? She also asked me how do I feel I take pictures for many strangers every day, I told her I do take pictures for many strangers. I don't know their names, background and anything. But I do make many friends after I took their pictures.

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