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Feng Liu Chicago | Feng Liu Street Photography

As I said before, photography is a journey without a destination. I feel that when I take photos I am able to express my feelings and thoughts and release them freely in a creative way. When I try to find interesting stories and interact with them and take photos of them, I enjoy these moments more than anything else in photography. Every day is a new day, I will meet different people, see different scenes, and make new friends. Whether these photos are good or not, I really don't care. Photography is our way of life and I enjoy this activity more than others. I just enjoy this life, this is the life I want. Some photographers win a few titles, have a few publications, and have a few exhibitions, and then they abandon the camera and never have good work again. This is a lifestyle I don't want. I'm not saying we don't want titles, but titles are not our destination. period. The photographic careers of Henri Cartier-Bresson and Robert Doisnot lasted throughout their lives. They did not have so many titles in their lives, but their vast and talented works tell us everything. These works will be more outstanding than any other photographers in the world. Lasts longer. Vivian Dorothy Maier is another great example for us. She just loves taking pictures because that's her life. I don’t think any title she didn’t hold bothered her. Her photos are now worth millions of dollars, much more than current multi-tasking photographers.

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