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The Eye of Photography - Feng Liu


I posted the pictures below which I took at Zhouzhuang which is about 50 miles away from Shanghai. I was invited there to take photos for this water town to celebrate its 900 year anniversary. I lived in Singapore then. It happened about more than 20 years ago.

That is my first documentary project and I used Kodak Slide. A project which I was focused on to awaken our consciousness to the importance of preserving our precious history. This 900 year old small town whose surroundings were undergoing economic development and transformation, as well as dealing with the influence of foreign cultures.

I remember I was offered to stay one night at an ancient house which was several hundred years old and I slept on an ancient bed and I had to put my two feet outside of the bed. I just thought, ancient people were not as tall as today’s human beings.

Zhouzhuang is famous for its history of rich cultures and delicious food. I really miss this place. I don’t know how Zhouzhuang is today. Is it the same as when I was there?


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