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Feng Liu Chicago | Feng Liu Street Photography

Five years ago I took portraits for a couple guest. They looked classic, elegant, and professional. After I greeted them, the lady asked me where I was from and I replied that I was from Shanghai, China. Then she told me they came from Belarus more than 60 years ago. She just couldn't stop sharing their stories and their American dream. She told me her husband came here with $20 only in his pocket, but they kept working hard, went to college, and finally built their fortunes. She continued to tell me why they wanted to be here: because of religious reasons and wanting to escape Soviet Union control during World War II. They told me they were lucky to be in this great land, since others didn't arrive here. This lady also told me their love story. When they met for first time, they didn't have any connections at all, but several years later when they met again, her husband asked her to marry him. Since then 60 years have past. Today was their 60 year anniversary. Then we went to the photo studio, I asked them to cross their arms around each other and face the background first, then touch their heads and turn their heads toward me. I captured their 60 years of loving moments.

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